Can you find Gilliam? 47

It's been awhile since I've posted a CYFG image so I thought it was about time I did. This is one of the ones in which I've hidden several Gilliams. How many can you find?

Edit: Click on the attachment if you want to see the answer, if you do not want to see the answer don't click on the attachment.

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TheSister91: where has the attachment gone?!?!

arkennedy at 1:08 pm October 12

...I tried to put it back but it doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps that's one of the bugs that will be fixed when the admins get the chance.

For the most part though I like the new version of the site. I've discovered the trick with the images (whenever they are supposed to be animated or whenever we can't see the whole image) is to click on the image.

CamelSpotter: These are a lot of fun.

Videor Quaero Punctume

eMMI: found eight Gilliams. ^^

first thought: "damn I can't see any!"

second thought: "hey, there's one. and there's another! [and so on and so on]"


"Lighten up baby I'm in love with you."

mrsCutout: This is difficult!! haha i only found 8 or 9? i am not so sure about the 9th!

MontyPython93: I clicked on the attachment xO x)

Lancaster Bomber: Damn ! only got 7.

the_thina: exept for the 8 gilliams I found I saw 2 that seems to have been stoen items from hes wardrobe as well... haha

We found a witch, may we burn her?

Jatta: 8?

Anything goes...

BroMaynardG at 11:12 am October 11

Just in case Gilliam gets cold.


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