Can You Find Gilliam? 50 Gilliam's Shirt

It took awhile but it's finally ready to post.

This is the 50th in the series of Can You Find Gilliam Images. Those of you who were members of Pythonline back when I used to post Gilliam of the Day and later Gilliam of the week images will probably remember the interesting shirts Gilliam wore in most of those pics. It was all the pics of Gilliam wearing interesting shirts that gave me the idea for this image.

In this image I have hidden several members of Pythonline, several of Gilliam's cartoons and the other 5 Pythons on his shirt.

Can you find:

The sister 91
mr nudge
purple unicorn
lemming of the bda
cammel spotter
the Thina
tiel pierce
mrs timmy williams
Lady April and Emily
rsm Biggles
me (arkennedy)
and 20 of Gilliam's cartoons

There is also 1 Gilliam in this image and I don't think anyone will have any trouble finding him :)

Enjoy :)

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Lady and Laird Candermine: That's AWESOME... yesterday couldn't stop to really look at it and I thought when I saw it ... it was just his real shirt... today.. I return and wow... I read that it is more than that...

arkennedy at 4:22 pm February 24

Thanks :)

Hanri: Wow, now that must've taken a while to make! I love the fact you've included so many of the "oldies", makes them present. :) Lovely work!

arkennedy at 11:09 am February 22

Thanks :) Actually I started working on this last year, so it did take awhile but I enjoyed every minute of making it:)

TheSister91: OMG I'm there!! LOL thank you arky!! :DDD

arkennedy at 1:20 pm February 21

You're welcome :) and thanks for letting me use your picture for this image.

TheSister91 at 1:31 pm February 21


Jatta: This is amazing... :)
Bwilliant work, Arky!

arkennedy at 1:20 pm February 21

Thanks :) I really enjoyed making this.

kisch: Waaaaaay coooool!!!
Now all wehave to do is actually make a shirt like that and send it to Terry:)))

Lady April at 9:18 am February 22

You KNOW he'd wear it too =P

the_thina at 11:03 am February 22

he totally would! haha

Lady April at 9:20 am February 22

I just adore Gilly babe for his attire!

arkennedy at 12:48 pm February 20

Thanks :)

I can't sew to save my life, but if anyone else wants to make a shirt like that feel free :)

Johnnyrose: Oooooo! Python Spring-Summer Collection 2010! How cool! And we're on it!!!
Niiiice, arkennedy, you allways manage to surprise me!

arkennedy at 12:48 pm February 20

Thanks :)

Lady April: Holy Crap Arky! That had to take you a while to put together!!! Awesome!

arkennedy at 11:38 pm February 19

Thanks :)
Yes it did take a long time to put together but I enjoyed every second I was working in it :) The hardest part was choosing which of Gilliam's shirts would be the best for this image.

the_thina: ha! took a while before I saw myself, even if I knew what pic you were going to use. feel flatterd beeing on gillys shirt.:)

arkennedy at 11:39 pm February 19

Thanks :) I'm glad you like what I did.

the_thina at 11:43 pm February 19

you know I always do, sweetie! :)

Kasmira at 4:30 pm February 19

yeah, that's very nice shirt !