Can you find Gilliam? 54

Here is the fifty-fourth "Can You Find Gilliam?" image. This time I decided to make it challenging. At least I think it is but since I know where Gilliam is hiding in this image it's hard to tell how easy or difficult it actually is.

Anyway, enjoy.

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I found 'im in about 3 quarters of a second. Just plain luck I guess XD

arkennedy at 12:06 pm October 31

You did very well on this one :) congratulations

Sgt. Looney: I THINK i found him....did I? hmmmm....

TheRealGilliamFan: I found him!

arkennedy at 1:04 pm October 28

Congratulations :)

Here Comes Another One: Argh! I couldn't find him at all!

arkennedy at 11:40 am October 28

I'll post the answer when I get to 60 of my Can You Find Gilliam Images.