Can you find Gilliam? 58

Here's what I think will be a challenging CYFG.

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HELLOPOLLY: yayyy i found him :L this amused me, probably should be doin school work but this was alot more fun :D

Cardinal Ximenez: OMG! I can't believe I found him! and I have like, the shortest attention span ever! :D

arkennedy at 11:50 pm December 05

congratulations :)

Cardinal Ximenez at 11:52 pm December 05

ha, thanks
wait, you're not being sarcastic are you? lol because it's sometimes hard to tell in text form :P

arkennedy at 10:23 am December 06

It is hard to tell, but don't worry, I'm not being sarcastic.

Cardinal Ximenez at 9:46 pm December 07

lol, ok good ;)

genji: Who are the people on the balcony?

arkennedy at 11:01 pm December 05

To be honest, I don't know who anyone (other than Gilliam, but that's because I added him) is in this photo. What I did was type "Large crowds of people" into an image search to find an image to use for this CYFG images.

genji at 11:40 pm December 05

Well, I could be wrong but I think you may have managed to have Mr. Gilliam in attendance at a Ku Klux Klan rally.

arkennedy at 11:54 pm December 05

I hope I didn't but you might be right. I didn't notice the people on the balcony when I chose the image. I just chose it because there were a lot of people in it and I could make a challenging CYFG image with it.

Just in case later I might edit the image so that the people in the balcony are no longer there.

genji at 11:13 am December 06

Haha - well rescued, mate. Totally off-topic but 'Ku Klux Klan' always reminds me of 'Wu Tang Clan', which may or may not be deliberate on the latter's part (though I suspect unintentional).

arkennedy at 5:33 pm December 06

Thanks :)