Can You Find Gilliam? 60 Christmas Editon

Can you find all the Gilliams, the Gilliam Cartoons and John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Neil Innes, Carol Cleveland and Connie Booth Hidden in this tree? Some will be very easy to find but I think there will be some that won't be so easy to find.

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Johnnyrose: Fantastic work, arkennedy, but I spoted Carol first!

arkennedy at 11:43 am December 24

Thanks :)

the_thina: I counted 28 decorations on the tree + a GUMBY hiding behind it. haha!
brilliant work as always, darling! the lurking gumby was my favourite, I can just hear him scream MY BRAIN HURTS! XD

arkennedy at 2:23 pm December 21

Thanks :) I was going to make the Gumby into an ornament on the tree but at the last minute I decided to put him behind the tree.

the_thina at 9:58 am December 31

good choise my friend! :) oh, I didnt tell you, but you may have seen it anyway, I just HAD to post this on facebook, but I gave you full credit of course. :) hope you dont mind

arkennedy at 2:36 pm December 31

I consider it a compliment whenever something I post is re-posted somewhere else as well, so I don't mind at all :) thanks :)

TheRealGilliamFan: Thia is awesome!!! I think I spotted 11 Gilliams, including a cartoon rendition of himself. Did I miss any??

arkennedy at 10:32 pm December 18

Thanks :)

Here Comes Another One: This is great! I'll look forward to seeing the answer to find out if I got them all. I think I did. I spotted Spiny Norman first! DINSDAAAALE!

mrsCutout: FOUND THEM!!!! Awwww Micky!!! Love the cartoons!And he team photos!

arkennedy at 5:03 pm December 17

Thanks :)