Can You Find Gilliam? 63

Time for another CYFG image. This is probably a challenging one.

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TheRealGilliamFan: Arkennedy you kill me with these every time LOL! Haha! This one was really challenging. I love the position you've placed him in too. It's weird with some of these are really really difficult, after you finally find him, then when you look at the photo again he pops right off the page and you realize he's right under your nose LOL :D

arkennedy at 8:49 pm March 20

Thanks, I think Gilliam may be getting better at hiding:)

the_thina: I think I found him. either that or someone with a very stiff neck. lol

the_thina at 3:54 pm March 20

it WAS someone with a stiff neck. enlarged it to 400% then I found him

arkennedy at 8:48 pm March 20

Congratulations on finding him :)

a_nervous_wreck: Okay, I found a kid that looks like a younger Gil, 2 John Lennons, a Mark Twain, 3 Elvis', and then I found Gilly. :)

arkennedy at 8:47 pm March 20

I spotted a woman who reminds me of Nora Batty (not sure if I spelled her name correctly) from "Last Of The Summer Wine" There seems to be a few look-alikes in this image :)

a_nervous_wreck at 8:31 pm March 20

Oh god damn it! I didn't find him, I just found a guy with long hair. ):[ now I have absolutely no idea where he is!

Lvndr HppE: Couldn't find him, but what is with that boy's face, in the front? Split in half!

arkennedy at 8:38 pm March 20

Good question, I'm not sure why his face is split in half.

Here Comes Another One: Think I've got him but man that was tough! Good one!

arkennedy at 8:34 pm March 20

Thanks and congratulations on finding him :)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Yeah, I think I've found 'im. My word, it took longer than expected XD

arkennedy at 8:33 pm March 20

Great work :)

l_wojcik: Found him! Wow that was tough! I had to zoom in my screen three times before I could see him!

arkennedy at 8:30 pm March 20

Congratulations :)