Canada 1973

The Python's First Farewell Tour of Canada, 1973.
Can you spot the Pythons on board the open top bus?

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thewastelandr: Haha I love Terry's face!

scottp: looks like Davis Soul behind Micheal..hee hee

Splunge4Me2: Personal observances...I think John is right behind Terry J., and Eric is the first head (back of anyway) on the left.

the_thina at 5:07 pm November 10

to me it looks like neil behind terry j. and gilliams hair behind the big white hat-dude

Splunge4Me2 at 8:46 am November 03

***on the RIGHT*** sorry.

mrsCutout: I can see terry g behind the guy with the glasses and the hat and right behind mikey,graham is one or two seats behind and i think thcute man on the other side with the mouth open is jonsey!but i do not spot dear john or eric! help me here!! thanks for posting!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 1:30 pm October 31

Ha, well done lol
And also I believe Neil is onboard too (I think he's behind Jonesy).

mrsCutout at 11:46 am November 03

So that was correct??Hurray! Well the man behind Jonsey is either Neil or John...

mrsCutout at 11:46 am November 03

Great pic by the way!

marga at 9:20 am November 11

it would say he's john but maybe he's neil... :S