Carol autograph...

Well... finally had the courage to send a letter to Miss Carol asking for an autographed photo...
... reciving it now... it would make my Christamas brighter!
But still waiting...

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Johnnyrose: 2 and almost a half months later... still nothing...

mrsCutout at 8:46 am February 20

maby your letter got lost! it has happened to me too! Don't give up we are all here for ya!

Johnnyrose at 11:58 am February 20

I'm sure it has arrived... I traked the delivery of it, 'cause I sended registered so I know it has arrived... but ...

the_thina at 5:27 pm February 20

these things can take time. dont give up! I think she is the kind of person who is happy and flatterd over her fans. have a really hard time imgagining she would be the kind of celebrety who just walk around with the nose in the air thinking "of course you love me. bah! I dont care!"

mrsCutout at 12:49 pm February 21

yes i agree! i am sure it will arrive sooner or later!

Johnnyrose at 4:07 pm February 21

Really hope so, thanks! ;0)

thewastelandr at 8:36 am February 20


Fettle: Bless her, shes such a lovely lady!!

the_thina: oh how lovely! I know how much you like (love?) her. hope you get it real soon. :)
lovely pics btw, what a lady!

Johnnyrose at 8:26 am December 24

I wish it, too...

the_thina at 5:43 pm December 24

ps.when you do get it, be sure to scan it (or take a pic of it if you dont have a scanner) and show us! :)

Johnnyrose at 5:43 am December 27

You bet!
Man, I want it so bad!

thewastelandr at 6:35 am December 25

Yes, agreed! She looks amazing in those pictures, by the way!

Lady and Laird Candermine at 11:32 am December 28

We too hope you get that so wanted photo with autograph!!!