Carol, Connie and Neil Click on the gif quiz

I had an idea for a quiz where animated gifs are used as the answer choices. Here's how it works:

Read the question (which is not an animated image)

Then click on the answer below (which happens to be
an animated gif, all of which are different) that
you think or know is the correct answer.

I had hoped to have this ready to post by International Python Day. However, it turns out take it takes awhile to make a quiz like this (which is there are only 3 questions).

This is the first "Click on the gif quiz" I've made, so feedback is welcome. If enough people like this type of quiz it's possible I'll make at least one more at some point in the future.

I enjoyed making this quiz and hope you'll enjoy taking it :)

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Not that late: Ha Ha!

I like this, I looked all the answers to see the gifs, I love the "wrong" ones!!!

arkennedy at 12:04 pm October 12

Thanks :)

Lvndr HppE: I got two out of three. :-\ The first one was a doozy.

the_thina: haha, good job mate! and ps. I got them all right. does that mean Im a geek?

Hanri at 1:45 am October 09

Well a Monty Python geek at least. ;)