a charety just look at it and let me know

Hello and welcome on How To Do Ti!On today's programm we are going to tell you haw to help poor children in need! For you who are on FB and have joined Iri's The looniest religion of all...you know all about it but for those of you who havent or are not in FB here's what we want to do:the church after the pope's(iris aka flopsy miss) (what's the word?) the world is the big round thingy it's moste of it blue and inhabeted with strange people who seem to think that one can walk over water only 1 has succeded so far about 2010 years ago...has decided to launch(?) what does launch mean ? it's means butiing fire in it and getting the hell out of there !!! a charity.We are going to raise some money or something were not shure yet for the Burned Children Foundation (http://www.facebook.com/#/RyanStilesGolfClassic?ref=ts) (the link to the facebook application of the fundation we had in mind and sent it in order to..(you know what the foundation does right?what short of kids it helps?)help deprived children....etc!For further information plrease visit the loniest religion(http://www.facebook.com/#/group.php?gid=206444122302&ref=ts) the link ot the looney page :) where one can find the moste looney things :) ...or wait for the next post wich will be posted soon!But please let us know if you are going to participate or not!Leave a comment and sign!Python people viewers of How to do it help the poor kids of the world!So easy..nxt on how to do it :how to save the world from destruction before 2012!eccept from running away in terror and shouting hey i saw 4 horese back riders in the sky is that ok ??? See you!"
with lot's of love the looney team and iris and ina :)
we wish u lot's of looneyness and pythoniscticness and hope you will try to do something to help this fundation

ps u can also become a fan of the facebook application for the fundation wich is in a way also helping :)

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mrsCutout: Hey come on!

flopsy_mrs at 8:42 am January 18

what ? what did i do wrong ?