Hello wonderfull pythonliners!!I have just packed my things,took one or two good books to read and some great dvds (including python movies and shows) and i am ready to go!!!!Yay!tomorrow I'll be off for my christmas vacations and i am excited!At last after two weeks of hard study i'll be able to rest!i will sleep happily today(although i have a test in physics and i know nothing cause i couldn't concentrate i am so happy!) Anyway i just wanted to wish everybody here to have a HOLLY JOLY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR from the bottom of my heart and from the heart of my bottom!I hope to find a pc soon where im thank you all for the great monents you gave me and for making my days and for being so welcoming and lovely people! Happy holydays everyone goood bye!!!!!!!

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mrsCutout: sorry for the long speech i'll let graham wish you now!