Clochemerle the musical or Monty Python meets Machiavelli

"Clochemerle the Musical"
"Monty Python meets Machiavelli"

Thirty years ago I came across a satirical, comic french novel called Clochemerle, and fell in love with it.
I adapted the novel into a two-Act Musical, wrote all the songs and the lyrics (versifying the Author's text).

I then reworked the material and recorded it on my synthesizer, singing all the male parts (and some of the female parts) and co-opted my family and friends to sing the other leads.

Part 1:
try: 'Hymn to a Urinal" 8.18 - 10.28

Part 2:
try: "Putet confronts the Mayor" 5.33 - 8.39
try: "Drunken brawl in the Cathedral" 13.18 - 21.52

Part 3:
try: "secretaries' gavotte" 13.56 - 21.28

Part 4:
try: "entry of the Bicycle Corps" 0.28 - 3.36

I studied music at Cambridge many many years ago, and was an avid fan of Monty Python as an undergraduate'
I'd love to have your reaction to this musical.

Thank you

Derek Demierre
403 284 3502

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