Collage Game Pythonline Christmas Tree Edition.

Here is a Christmas Edition of my Collage games. This time the object is to decorate our own Pythonline Christmas tree. I know it's early but this way we will have more time to decorate our tree.

Here are the rules as posted in College Game 2:

Try to keep the most recent post at the top of the thread. (This was not something I thought of in the first collage game but I think it's a good idea because it makes games easier to keep track of).

Copy or Download the most recent image and add whatever you want to it. (Try to keep it something that is at least loosely Python related, since this is Pythonline).

This is a large image so before you copy it (if you do that instead of downloading it, please click on the image first before copying it)

Post the new image with the addition you made to it at the top of the thread.

There are no rules that say the same person can't be posted twice. For example: even though I have already placed Gilliam in this image he can be added as many times as anyone wants to add him.

In addition to decorating the tree, you may also add presents around or under the tree.

Here are the links to my first 2 Collage games so that anyone who is not familiar with the game (or anyone who need a refresher course) can get an idea of how the game works:

By the way I have made a Silly walk ornament to start us off. You are not required to make the images you add look like ornaments unless you want to.

Enjoy :)

Edit: In case anyone is wondering, here is how I made the Silly walk ornament I put on the tree.

First I chose an image for my ornament.

Next I opened Light Artist (A free editor that does lighting effects) and chose the "Deep Blue" effect. I changed the color to red then clicked on "Process". Then I saved my work and closed Light Artist.

After that I opened the image in Paint Shop Pro and chose "Circle" in the Deformations Browser. Then I saved my Work and closed Paint Shop Pro.

Next I opened the image in Inkscape. I drew a gray loop and chose the "Metalized Paint" effect under Filters tab and in the Materials section for the loop.
Next I drew a small black rectangle and Under the Filters tab I chose the "Bright Metal" effect in the Bevels section.
Then I arranged the items so that they looked like an ornament and saved my work.

I've included an image of the ornament I made before I re-sized it for our tree in this post.

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Ok I'm steppin it up a bit because we have 3 days to go!!! :D

arkennedy at 7:54 pm December 22

Nice Jonesy ornament :) I also like the candy canes and presents

arkennedy at 11:49 am December 26

I like the lights too :)


...and here is the guy who watched too much tv


You guys, we only have 5 days left to decorate this tree!! :D :D :D :D

arkennedy at 11:06 pm December 19

Looks like the black knight has joined us :)

arkennedy: I decided to bring this back to the top and remind everyone that everyone is welcome to "decorate" our Pythonline tree. Feel well to add presents under the tree as well if you want to.

TheRealGilliamFan at 6:18 pm December 18

bumped, again :D


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arkennedy at 10:12 pm December 13

Great choice for a tree topper :D and I like the ornament you made :)

TheRealGilliamFan at 12:40 am December 14

Thanks! All of your collage games and CYFG games I think are my most favorite part about this site!! :D They're FUN!

arkennedy at 1:19 am December 14

You're welcome :) and thank you:). I enjoy making the sightings and collage games so it's always great to here that people enjoy them :)

arkennedy at 1:20 am December 14

It's after 2:00am and apparently I'm not awake. I meant CYFG games not sightings. I enjoy the sightings but I'm not the one that started them.

Lvndr HppE: That is so cute! I love that ornament!

arkennedy at 2:27 pm December 13

Thanks:) I enjoyed making it.
Feel free to add something to the tree if you want to.