comdey-acress reveals another (dark) side

this is not about python at all, but since I think all of you have seen her before I post it here anyway.
if you have seen absolutely fabulous it is impossible to not have noticed jane horrocks, who plays bubbles (and in seson 5 she has another role as well, but cant remember that persons name) and yesterday I saw her playing sally bowls in cabaret, and I will NEVER look at her in the same way again! she blew my mind completely! I know she could sing very well, that was not what blew my mind, it was how incredibly dark she made sally. her sally was a clearly very mentally unstable woman who probobly did A LOT of drugs... and I much perfer her as sally, next to her liza is nothing!
and she also reminded me very much of nina hagen. now, not all of you are old enough to know who nina is, but the ones that do... you do! ^^ and I mean that as a BIG compliment since I adore nina.
so, I give you jane singing the title-song of the musical and more or less having a mental breakdown in front of the microphone. I get such goosebumps when she start going mental! LOVE THIS!

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Hanri: Have you seen Jane in Little Voice? It was the first time I heard her sing and it completely blew my mind, I highly recommed that movie!

the_thina at 5:04 am February 12

I have heard about it, and seen a few clips on telly when it came out, but not the movie itself no... my list of movies I want to see and books I want to read is so long I should have to live 3 full lifetimes to be able to see and read it all... but needless to say that movie moved higher up on my list after seeing her in cabaret!
I also put up her version of "mein herr" now.
amazing woman! <3