the comic-book pyton (useless information)

here in sweden in the 90s there was this comic-book called pyton (we spell the snakes name without the h) wich contained comedy-comics in a very rude and often x-rated sort of humor. a bit like MAD magazine, but much much worse.

I never got the hang of if the name has something to do with M.P, as a tribute or something, because when a swede says something is pyton that means that it is something of very bad taste. and that also makes me wonder if that swedish expression has originated when flying circus just came on, a bit like the word "pythonesque" (spelling?) but I guess that is something I will never know unless I find the person who first said someting was pyton... anyway when I was a kid in the 80s it was a very very common expression.
but anyway, I have a sneaking suspission that IS in fact the case since the swedish title of ANFSCD is in fact "life is python" (but in swedish of course)

ok, useless information, and you are wellcome!

and if anyone else has useless information you like to spread, go ahead and be silly in this thread!

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arkennedy: Here's my useless information (also not Python related but it is useless): At a store I used to work at it was possible to but some certain items for $1. Some times the store would have "Sales" in which you could either get "10 for $10" or "5 for $5" but you weren't required to buy 10 or 5 to get the deal. Those "sales" always occurred when we were overstocked on certain items. Does anyone else notice the same thing about those sales as I did?

Oh, and here's another useless fact I may have typed "information" a little to quickly just now because I had typed "infloration". I'm not sure what that means but as you can see I corrected it.

TheRealGilliamFan: I'd be curious to know the answer. Did you try a to look for origins of Swedish slang and idioms? Someone surely knows the origin.

Ok, here's my useless information: It's not Python-related, but it is idiom-related. In English we have an idiom that most people incorrectly say (at least in the US) - "Chomping at the bit." It's actually "CHAMPING at the bit." But most people don't know that.

the_thina at 4:37 pm March 21

yes, im curious about that as well (I have a thing with words and sayings and where they came from and ment once upon a time in general) but when it comes to googeling.... I dont know what to google.... any suggestions+ feels like I would just get a million hits on the snake...

Miioo at 5:12 pm March 21

I've tried to google it in swedish, but all I could find was that the word python (with an h) comes from some sort of mythological snake. And that the swedish comic book Pyton was essentially a translated version of a norwegian comic book.