The Complete and Utter History of Britain

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thewastelandr: HAHAHA... this is hilarious! Is it possible to get a copy on dvd? Terry is SO funny! I like how in the beginning he is smoking all the time, even when he dresses like an Indian. Oh and I've been to Shakespeare's birthplace and I think that is really it. Looks the same anyway.

Have you ever seen History of the World, Part I, Erica? Mel Brooks movie... absolutely hilarious.

Lvndr HppE at 6:12 pm April 12

God has just given us, fifteen . . . {drops a tablet} . . . ten, ten commandments! Yeah, I've seen it. Outside of the Python version, I've never seen the Spanish Inquisition look so upbeat!

thewastelandr at 6:31 pm April 12

Hahaha... yes!!! I love that film! So great!

thewastelandr at 6:31 pm April 12

I like the first choir... that is hilarious.