Connie Booth

I think it's time for another Connie Booth thread (or the first Connie Booth thread if we haven't had one before but i think we must have by now).

All the images I've posted to start this thread are animated gif's I made, please click to see the effect.

As far as the first four pics are concerned I got the images for the gifs from either flikr or photobucket (I don't remember which) and whoever posted them there didn't give any description what-so-ever (although I'm grateful to them for sharing the images because Connie Booth images don't seem easy to find. So if anyone knows could you tell me which mivies or tv shows they're from? Thanks:)

If anyone else has any Connie Booth images to add (whether they're animated or not) feel free to post them here. I do have one request but it's not an order, if you post an animated image please point that out in you comment so we'll know to click on the image so we can see the effect.

Or if you want to share anything about Connie feel free to post here.

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Lvndr HppE: She was such a great actress. I love her in Fawlty Towers.




Romance With a Double Bass

Paute at 5:56 am July 07

I never saw this! Where is?


Unless I'm mistaken this is from one of the lumberjack sketches.


In The Strange Case Of The End Of Civilisation As We Know It'

the_thina at 12:24 pm July 06

thats a different look for her!

Johnnyrose at 12:22 pm July 06

nice one...

thewastelandr: I adore her and wish she was my sister! <3 Haha, great idea for a thread!

Paute at 7:09 am July 04

Do it!


she always reminded me of my best friend!who left to another city and that's why I always thought she was great!what a great idea!

Lady and Laird Candermine:

a lovely idea, arkennedy~ thanks for starting it.

sit-on-my-face: I think she's a good actress and surely a good person if John married her (he made ONE error I suppose... a BIG one), but she's always annoyed me a little, as do most of very beautiful ladies we're daily exposed to. It,s not that I'm ugly or anything, but extremely good looking females annoy me. It,s a bit stupid you may say...


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oh good idea! Ill post the ones Ive got. even if they arent unusual or uniqe or even many, here goes!

the_thina at 1:49 pm July 01


the_thina at 1:50 pm July 01


the_thina at 1:50 pm July 01


the_thina at 1:51 pm July 01


the_thina at 1:52 pm July 01


the_thina at 1:53 pm July 01


arkennedy at 10:46 am July 02

I don't think I've ever seen this one before. Thanks for posting it :)

the_thina at 12:51 pm July 02

well, if you have seen almost the truth you have. haha. its from there

the_thina at 1:54 pm July 01