Cotton Eye Idle... yes I'm that bored

Yes... I'm that bored....

But See... I used to put things to my old movie maker... but now I got a laptop and can do more things so I'm breaking it in... This is my 3rd movie on it.

This is only a teaser to what I'll actually make... because I'm that bored lol. It's a low quality but my final save will be better.

The reason? Obvious. I was listening to music on shuffle and this came on like... right as I was browing my Eric folder and saw a pic from the Marragie Guidance Counselor.

And Eric WAS the ladies man. lol

Yes... I get bored.

Oh... and... for those who know The Monkees as well... I did the Money Song for Mike Nesmith... Cause it's known he's the one who puts money above everything else the MOST.
And I'm allowed to be mean cause he's my 2nd favorite and for the longest itme was my favorite. This was my 2nd movie.

My 1st on my new windows movie maker was The Monkees 'Mommy and Daddy' (original unreleased version) and I made the pictures in MSPaint. But it is more controversial so you want to see it you cna go there.

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Holly: That was cute, I love the Money Song.

WolfSpirit at 1:10 pm February 09

The Money Song is one of my favorites. Dunno why... maybe seeing Eric dancing like that in the suit on the desk is what perminently made the song a favorite lol.

Holly at 8:13 pm February 11

That's it exactly, the dancing. It's so damn cute! Every time I hear it I find myself moving my arms the way he does on the desk.

WolfSpirit at 11:19 am February 12

LOL!!!!ME TO! OMG I'm glad I'm not alone lol

Even if nothing else I have to do the pointing thing for the line "You can keep your marxist ways, for it's only just a phase" lol

the_thina: what is that pic of mike doing there? lol

WolfSpirit at 2:01 pm February 08

Closest to a married couple I could find. I'm actually planning on getting a screencap replacing it with a cap from one of Gilliam's animations where i remember a married couple. Just gotta remember what episode lol