this is the CSI Division Logo!

I don't know if you like it!

please post comments even if you don't like and send me some ideas or suggestion about it!!

thank you!

in the meantime I'll try to get an idea for the badges!!!

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flopsy_mrs: cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

TheSister91 at 10:35 am November 28

well, thank you!!

mrsCutout: I love it!It's realy cool!!!!I have an idea but i don't know how to make it and post it!How did you do that?

TheSister91 at 9:11 am November 28

with paint! I took some pics here and there and scanned others... tell me what you have in mind... may I add you in my division??? :) thanks

the_thina at 9:24 am November 28

I personally like photoshop better than paint. can be because thats the program I have been using since I was 16, but still. :P

TheSister91 at 9:39 am November 28

I guess you're right... the problem is that I have GIMP (similar to Photoshop) but my friend hasn't helped me yet to use it!!! and that's why I find paint more practise and easy!!

TheSister91 at 9:40 am November 28

*practic sorry!!

mrsCutout at 4:05 pm November 28

Anyway i'll just interruot here to say thanks for the tip and i am going to try paint!! and yes please add me in your division!!!!:)


I see what you are going for here (at least I think I do) why not try a rectangular area behind eatch letter of the division-part, so it looks like a paper-cut-out-letter... you know, like the sex pistols logo, cuz it was ike that you where thinking, right?
well, as the old punkrocker I am thats where my mind went straight away. :P

TheSister91 at 9:03 am November 28

thank you Thina!! actually they are paper- cut- out- letters! lol but the rectangle isn't bad at all!! thanks

the_thina at 9:06 am November 28

no problem. :)