A currently untitled, rather bad fanfic by yours truly, part I

This idea has been floating around in my head for a while now, but I've just gotten around to writing it. I've never written anything of the Python variety before, so I apologize if this is utter crap. I hope you all like it anyways.


I was hired by the BBC in the summer of 1969, just after graduating from Oxford with a degree in broadcasting. I would turn 24 that August, but I looked as if I was still in my teens; I barely reached five feet tall, and had a rather round, childlike face. As I mentioned, I’d gotten a degree in broadcasting just several weeks before getting the job; I’d been enamored with radio since hearing the Goon Show as a child, but I was far too shy to attempt to make myself known. I needed the job though; after having paid my way through school as a pub waitress, I’d gotten sick of the long hours and the stress, so I quit.

My interview had been a nerve-wracking experience, to say the least. I’d been led to a rather large and intimidating conference room by a slightly daft secretary – who didn’t look much older than I was – and was instructed to simply sit and wait. After what felt like hours (due to my anxiousness), a rather pompous looking man walked in.

“John Howard Davies,” he said, as I stood up and shook his outstretched hand. “You’re here for the PA interview, then?”

“Yes,” I replied, though just barely audible.

“What’s your name love?” he asked, scanning the papers he was holding. “Ah, Emma, is it?”

“Yes,” I replied again, still speaking at the same volume.

John scanned the papers again. “You graduated from Oxford for broadcasting? You’ll fit right in here.” I mustered a small smile. Things seemed to be going fairly well, despite my anxiety.

“Now, let me explain a little bit about what you’ll have to do – if you get the job, that is. The BBC is in the process of backing a new comedy program called Bunn Wackett Buzzard Stubble and Boot. They’re going to begin filming a bit of the first series at Ham House in about a week. The job of the PA – whoever that may be – is going to be to make sure the cast… behaves themselves, so to speak. Any time they need anything, the PA will be the one they ask. Are you sure you’d be able to handle this?”

At this point, anything would be better than waitressing. Even waiting on a bunch of famous blokes hand and foot, I thought. “Yes, I’m sure,” I replied, with slightly more confidence.

“You’re a timid little bird, but you’re sure of yourself. I like that,” John said with a grin. “If you get the job, you should be hearing from a bloke called Ian McNaughton within a few days.”

He shook my hand again and led me out of the room. “Good luck, love,” he said as I left.
As I walked out of the building, and towards the tube, I had a good feeling about the job, even though I was still nervous as hell. As daunting as it sounded, I knew this was going to be good for me. All I had to do now was wait for a phone call. It wasn’t anything to get in a panic over, right?

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Yes I agree. Great start. And no, it's not bad, it's very good ;)
If you want 'bad' fanfics, read mine xD

mrsCutout: So have you come up with a title yet?

ThankYouSaystheGreatQueen at 9:43 am September 19

No, I haven't yet. But if anyone has suggestions, I'm all for them!

mrsCutout: Oooh this is exciting!!