a different kinda of drool - pythons with animals

I ove all pythons and I love all animals. so when I see any python holding any animal my heart just melts. do an old animal-rights-dyke a favour wont you? post ALL pics of our boys with animals you can find!

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TheNicePython: I'm SO jealous of that cat Mike's holding(I've forgot what animal it was)... It seems so nice, soft and cosy to sleep like that

the_thina at 6:51 pm June 05

haha. Im more jealous of HIM getting to cuddle a big cat like that. but he (the cat, not mike) sorta looks like my 11 month old bengal-kitten groucho! :D

TheNicePython at 12:45 pm June 07

Yes, Mike's lucky too... I think I want five cats and then name them after the Pythons...But five cats may be too many? :)

the_thina at 5:14 pm June 07

you can NEVER have too many cats. ^^
but speaking of my cat, naming him groucho was a bit unfair, so now I have to get a harpo and a chico too. maybe even a zeppo! XD

a_nervous_wreck at 11:04 pm June 07

Haha! Aren't those the names of the Marx brothers? If not, sorry for this useless comment :)

the_thina at 12:09 pm June 08

yeah they sure are! you see... groucho the cat got his name because he talks nonstop, walk a bit strange and was trying his best to charm my older catlady without any sucess. BUT harpo is the love of my life when it comes to the marx brothers. so he needs to be honored as well. and then you have chico, the only person who could mouth back to groucho. so he needs to be honored. and then poor zeppo who always had to be the "normal" one in the movies, boring roles with romance, so he needs to be honored for playing those boring parts giving the others something to be crazy around. a bit like when dear graham was playing the only sain person in a whole movie you know.

a_nervous_wreck at 4:29 pm June 08

Ah yes, I see. I only saw one Marx Brothers movie (can't remember the name of it, but it had something to do with horse racing, and there was one part where they all put motor oil on their faces to blend in with a crowd of black people. Ah, good old fashioned family racism :D), but i have to say that from what I've read about them and their movies, Chico and Zeppo are my faves. It would be great if you got cats all named after them, but as Kaiti said you would need A LOT of room :)

the_thina at 12:40 pm June 10

that would be a day at the races you saw. people say its their last truely great movie. but I have just seen 2 that came after that one.
and about the racism... well, maybe the scriptwriters were, but the boys themselfs were german jews (born in america by german parents) so they were not.
but well, if that is the only one youve seen you never even seen zeppo, he was not in that one. but here you have a scene with him and groucho from animal crackers: http://youtu.be/-J6OEEbZ9Ko

Tanya_Birklid19 at 5:28 pm June 08

A Day at the Races, I have not seen that one, but my fav Marx Bros would have to be Animal Crackers.

the_thina at 12:40 pm June 10

haha, I posted my link before I saw your post. XD

katithepythonfan at 2:51 pm June 07

It depends how big an apartment you have... Five cats could almost need a whole house.

Lvndr HppE: I give this thread a 10 in the "Awww" Factor.


Here's a picture of Gray with a cute little doggie woggie (Who is not little by any stretch of the imagination it looks like...)

the_thina at 11:21 pm May 24

I know! ever since I first since I first saw it I have been wondering what monster-race it is? but since for example this pic is taken from ground-level it makes the dog look even bigger. but it seems to be a kind dog, and its obvious that graham LOVES that dog. :)

a_nervous_wreck at 11:35 pm May 24

I know right? I don't think it was one if his dogs though, cause I think he and David only had two beagles or something. He must be a dog person like me then (even though I only have two kitties) :)

the_thina at 12:47 am May 27

yeah, I read about the beagles as well somewhere. but yeah, if they had dogs, and they did, gray must have been a dog-person. :) I prefer cats, not that I dont like dogs, just that I like cats better. Ive never wanted a dog of my own, but I cant live without cats

J.Gambolputty at 7:15 am May 26

They had beagles!!? Well, that was new information to me... :)

So you're a dog person, eh? Me too, I've got a german shepherd.
(btw, the dog in the pic is a bloodhound. though I'm not very sure is it really its name in English..)

a_nervous_wreck at 9:23 am May 26

Oh yeah! I kept thinking it was a bloodhound, but then I thought "no, looks like something else actually." Thank you for that JG :)

And yes, they had two beagles named Towser and Harry. I for one like big dogs though, but only if they're calm :)

J.Gambolputty at 10:06 am May 26

No problem ;)

Yes, I love big dogs too and it seems to me that usually bigger dogs are more friendlier and calmer(when properly trained)than small dogs. But of course each dog has its own personality.

a_nervous_wreck at 11:36 am May 26

True, true. I think if I ever get a dog, it'll either be a German Shepherd or a Greyhound. I'll get them as puppies so I can train them myself :)

J.Gambolputty at 12:13 pm May 26

Sounds good. :) Hope you'll be lucky to get a healthy and good-brained pup, if/when you're getting one. ;)

Tanya_Birklid19 at 6:49 pm June 07

JG beat me too it. I was too late. I would love to have a bloodhound. Anyone remember the name of the one in The Aristocats? Wasn't Lafayette or Napoleon or something like that?


Found this one on Palinstravels and I think it fits perfectly here.
And also It's been soooo long since anyone posted here so I thought it was time to update it ;)

Tanya_Birklid19 at 6:51 pm June 07

This must be from Full Circle, correct?

Tanya_Birklid19 at 8:40 pm June 07

Nope, nevermind. It's from Hemingway.


I just found another Image of John with a lemur.

mrsCutout at 1:57 pm November 20

soo cute!


john with a rabbit. the pic is a bit blurry, but still. from at last the 1948 show

mrsCutout at 1:58 pm November 20

wow is that animal his?John looks realy cute with cute Animals!!

the_thina at 2:02 pm November 20

yeah, he finds it in the filing cabinette under R. haha


I just found another image on my computer that I think should be in this thread. One of the best Python with animal images in my opinion :)

mrsCutout at 1:59 pm November 20

awesom thanks for sharing!

the_thina at 10:23 pm November 16

aaaaaw!!!!!!! so cuuuuuuute!!!!!! what is it, a baby kangaroo? super-cute! and yes, before anyone gets offended, ofcourse mike is cute too, not only the animal. ;) thank you.

arkennedy at 10:40 pm November 16

Actually it's a baby gazelle (I couldn't remember exactly what kind of animal it was either, so I had to look it up). Here is the link where I originally found the photo: http://palinstravels.co.uk/photogallery.php?id=1166&from=photoindex-31-12.

the_thina at 10:45 pm November 16

oh thank you. :) poor thing was left by its mother. :( hope it survived. but probobly did since humans found it before it was too late

arkennedy at 10:48 pm November 16

I hope it survived too. Like you said though, there is a good chance it did because it was found.

the_thina at 10:52 pm November 16

yeah. I hate it when animals get hurt and die young. even if it is how nature works (when they are in the wild that is, dont get me started on slaughter.houses, nothing natural about that) it makes me very sad.


Here is an image of Eric with a dog.

the_thina at 9:48 pm November 15

thank you

Fettle at 5:05 am November 16


The Ex-Leper:

here's another of lovely michael and a horse

MontyPython93: One word: Aaaaw!!!!!!!!!

The Ex-Leper:

aww I love elephants : )


hope you like it!

the_thina at 4:10 pm November 14

I do! :) thank you

The Ex-Leper at 3:26 pm November 14

awww so cute...and the fish isn't bad either...lol

The Ex-Leper:

a bird trying to depants Mr. Palin! :)

Fettle at 5:06 am November 16

Lucky bird!! hehe....awww I love that bit of the prog - "hello! I was in a sketch with you!" hehe

mrsCutout at 2:09 pm November 14

I'd do the same!

The Ex-Leper at 3:24 pm November 14

oh yes! pantless...michael...*wipes brow*