Does anyone have any pics of Michael in drag from the Albert Hall on Fri ?

I searched all the photo sites, but they only seem to have the curtain call and backstage pix only.
I just have to see it, to make sure I didn't dream it...

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OMG! i can see myself in both pics! thank you very much!!!
here you have michael :)

kisch at 12:04 pm October 31

WOW !!!! Awesome !!! Thank you for the photo !!!

housepet1 at 5:32 pm November 04

Is that Mike? Ha ha ha ha, why is he in drag this time?

marga at 8:53 am November 08

he is betty parkinson, 'she' introduced both parts of the show :)

Lady April: Michael in say WHAAAAAAAAA???????? Oh God!


Sorry, this one I took, but it was the best I could do because I was too far...

kisch at 11:10 am October 29

JR, dear friend, you are as helpful as ever !!!! Thank you ! Now I know I haven't dreamt it LOLOLOL
That dress was wonderful...
I can also see myself there, just a part of me, but still:)

Johnnyrose at 12:20 pm October 29

Where are you? Because I got more pictures...

kisch at 12:29 pm October 29

I'm in the upper-left corner after the barrier ends and there is a black thing which is a big tele-camera, and I'm just beside it.
You got more pix ? Awww, would you post it ? Would you be so kind ?

Johnnyrose at 12:36 pm October 29

Is that you claping on the 8th row?

Johnnyrose at 12:44 pm October 29


Minakoeli at 9:33 am November 07

aaaaaaah! thank you so much for that photo Johnnyrose, I'm there!!! >.< Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kisch at 12:59 pm October 29

YESS !!!! It's ME !! WOW !!!!

Johnnyrose at 2:30 pm October 29

I wonder where CamelSpotter, Cardinal Fang and TheLadyOfTheLake are...

CamelSpotter at 6:11 pm November 04

I was in the stalls, section J. So pretty much the most central you can get in the stalls. Look for the red lumberjack blurs!

mrsCutout at 6:52 am October 27

At least you where there lucky person!!