Does Eric answer?

I've been looking at your autographs here, it looks like Michael and the two Terrys always answer your letters. What about Eric?

I want to send him a letter and the cover of "Not the Messiah" dvd (I did it with Michael and "A Fish Called Wanda" and it went great). But I don't want to end up with an unlabeled dvd forever, you know.

Did some of you get a response? How long did it take?

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Not that late: Ok, so we have one yes and one no...
I haven't decided yet...

the_thina: I wrote him about a year and a half ago, and still no luck. but he is a man that keeps buissy, and I HAVE heard about people that have gotten answers from him, but I think he and john are probobly the two that are least likely to answer...
and graham, but his got a VERY good excuse. :P

mrsCutout at 1:15 pm September 06

Yes he does....
I know that about John and Eric but it's true they're very busy and they live across the ocean plus they keep moving so it's possible that letters are lost too...Who knows?I am wondering about that too I had Eric next on my list but now I have Gilly haha!Give it a try however!

Paute at 5:03 pm September 06

I wrote to John and I don´t receive nothing yet. I don´t write to Eric because I have two address. So... I need to know wich one is the correct.

mrsCutout at 4:40 am September 07

Well sene the same letter to both!
Wich one do you have?

Paute at 11:58 am September 08

One is ID Public Relations (In Hollywood) and the other is from London: William Morris Agency.
Anyone know wich one is the correct address?

mrsCutout at 2:29 pm September 08

Well he lives in America this time as far as I know so try that one...I can't realy help any more....