Don The Cockroach


this is my first post here.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the short animation "Don The Cockroach" that was shown before Life of Brian at cinemas.

Is it included on any DVD or ?

I think it was very funny and I would like to see it again. :-)


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Lady April: Hey there dvc, welcome to P-line!!!!

scottp: remember it but don't know where it is, if you find it please post

arkennedy: I have the Immaculate edition and it's not included on mine. However there is a petition to get all of Monty Python released on dvd. Another Pythonline member posted the link. I signed the petition but I'm afraid I don't have the link anymore.

TheLateColonelVolestranglerBracketsMrs at 8:05 am November 04

Here it is -

housepet1 at 12:04 pm November 13

Awesome, thanks for finding!

CamelSpotter at 6:42 pm November 12

Great find, thanks!