ego warrior-necklase!

as you know I got this ego warrior-pin a few weeks ago.
but I didnt dare to put it on my jacket, since I dont want to loose it.
anyway, yesterday I was trying to find a frame to put neils auotograph in to hang on my wall.
I also founc this necklase that my ex had given me once, first I thought about throwing it out, then it hit me I could use that to make a ego warrior-neclase, so I did!
and I found a frame too.
maybe I should be desiner of fun innes-fans-jewerly (very unsure how the last word is spellt, remember pepole that english is only my second language!)
haha. all I would ask for as pay for my work would be an album everytime he makes a new one. and maybe a private consert for me and my mates now and again. ;)

so, neils designer and tim burtons puppeteer. two jobs I would do with a smile on my face. :)

and in case someone was wondering, the other framed autographs are palin and gilly witch Im sure you all see +

richard obrien:
totta näslund:
dee snider:

edit: was bored an played in photoscape, so now I can show you the bracelet as well

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flopsy_mrs: awsomeness !!!!!!!! so cool

the_thina: holly: here is a few examples of an inomnisa-bend that got me artistic:
and so on and on and on

Holly at 7:51 am May 11

I loved the first one, the music was a perfect choice. I wasn't able to watch the last one because it's been blocked :( I love Tim Curry, nobody but him could say Blueberry & make it sound sexy

the_thina at 8:03 am May 11

haha, thank you.the music is from some strange local band. fun to put on and do some crazy-dancing now and again. :)
wich I had better resorses to do more stopmotion thogh, like a steady-cam

Holly at 9:18 am May 11

That gave me so many ideas of things I'd like to do with my son's art. He loves to draw (he's not half bad either). the music reminded me of the theme song from an old T.V. show I used to watch as a kid called "You can't do that on Television"
Are steady cams expensive? ok, now I'm just rambling.

the_thina at 9:51 am May 11

haha, yeah they are. ok you can do it with a tripod as well, but then you have no garantee that it wont slip and ruin the angle

Holly: Great idea! I like it.

the_thina at 6:28 am May 09

yep. wonderful Ideas I come up with when the insomnia is hard on me sometimes. ;)

Holly at 8:24 am May 09

I haven't been sleeping well lately. So I just started crocheting blankets. I just have to keep busy. What are some of the ideas you've come up with in the past?

the_thina at 8:49 am May 09

mostly just pictures I have to paint or shapes I have to sculpt. sometimes photographs I have to take.
so my insomnia mostly comes as artistic out-bursts

the_thina at 8:50 am May 09

and oh, much work in windows moviemaker. mostly stop-,otion or musicvedeos

the_thina at 8:51 am May 09


mrsCutout: ahaha nice thina this is awesom! You lucky bastard ....

the_thina at 6:30 am May 09

yeah I know I am.. but well, you know where to find his adress if you want one as well. :)

sit-on-my-face: Ah. Great. And you're lucky to have those eyes!!!

the_thina at 6:20 am May 08

aaaw, thank you. :) my etes, lips and hands are the bodyparts Im most pleased with. :P

the_thina at 6:21 am May 08

*eyes, lips and hands

sit-on-my-face at 4:13 pm May 07

And may I add this version of O'brien is great! I don't know him very much apart from Rocky (but I'm very grateful only for that one!!!) but Riff-Raff is one of my early sex-symbols.

the_thina at 6:21 am May 08

yeah, you know it was him who sang it in the movie, right? even if it was patricia quinns lips.
and yeah, rickard is sooooooo CUTE! <3<3<3<3<3

sit-on-my-face at 12:25 pm May 08

Yeah yeah yeah, I know all about RHPS!!! (just kidding but I seriously saw this movie like 30 times; next halloween I'll go to the annual "live" representation with the rice and all with my best pal. It's going to be absolute pleasure!!!)
I love this short moment where he's at the window in "There's a light" singing in a very high pitched voice "into my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife".

Lady and Laird Candermine: AWESOME THINA!!!!!

the_thina at 6:22 am May 08

thank you

Lady and Laird Candermine at 12:59 pm May 10

you R welcome....