An Emmy for Monty Python? Heck Yeah!

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Lvndr HppE: "Almost the Truth:The Lawyer's Cut" should win an emmy, because it was very well done! Serious kudos to Bill Jones.

Paute at 8:29 am June 11

Hi Bill!!!! ;P

thewastelandr: <3

mrsCutout: Wow I wish they win they certainly deserve an emmy award more than anybody else on tv! And wtf I am a female python fan and i think most of their fans are females!

Colonel Daughter: we're ALL females here!!

Paute: Ey! I´m a female fan!!!
That's because Terry don´t know me!!

sit-on-my-face: I say. What's the thing with "females" not liking python? I mean WHO DOESN'T like them? We, ladies, can be very silly indeed and appreciate silliness. Stop saying we are handicapped in the humour section.

kisch: Dear IFC, is there any possibility to release Python BAFTA awards show in NY last october?