Emmys 2010: Terry Jones interview, and some ranting from HCAO

This is interesting, though we've heard a lot of it before. Including what he says about the female fans, or lack of ... because women aren't silly enough, or don't laugh at silliness?!?

I would have a sudden attack of feminism, except it's so much effort, and I do know what he means. Why do so many women feel this uncontrollable need to appear to have poles stuck up their backsides? Why, for example, do they look on with indulgent smiles while their husbands do all the fun stuff with the kids? And if that's just crap I've got from the media, why is it in the media in the first place?

And why, apparently, can't women laugh at things that are very silly? Or is TJ just completely wrong? How many other girls reading this are thinking: 'well, you obviously haven't met me/lots of people I know, have you?'

In my bewilderment I seem to have strayed somewhat from my original point, which is: here is a video about Python. It has a member of Python talking on it. It is neither the dullest nor the most riveting Python video on YouTube. So enjoy!

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Grazi: I don't think there were many women involved in comedy at that time, maybe that's the reason why they thought women were not really interested in it.
When I first watched a Flying Circus episode I had no idea what to expect. And if there were boys watching to see the naked breasts, what's wrong about girls watching to see the...er...posterior....derriere...sit upon...buttocks.

Here Comes Another One at 10:48 pm February 06

Nothing whatsoever - though I'd be very surprised if they did!!! XD

Here Comes Another One: Sounds like you're all the same as me. I know I've said it before, but I was an audio Python fan before I ever saw them. When I did see them I got the usual sort of teenage crushes on Michael & Eric. Now I find most of them attractive in their different ways, in their younger years - but yeah, I doubt any female fan would find their attractiveness more appealing/important than the comedy. There are far better looking men in far more crap TV shows to drool over if that's all you want to do! No female Python fan would drool first & laugh second, no way.

I guess it's like all the best rock music: most fans are male. I'll never know why, but never mind!

the_thina at 8:02 pm February 05

my point exactly, all of them have SOMETHING that is cute or even attractive, but thats not the point. and as I said, if someone really makes me laugh I tend to find them cute no matter what they look like. I think marty feldman was very cute for example, just because he was so damn funny, no matter how odd he looked. get my point?

Here Comes Another One at 8:25 pm February 05

Oh, absolutely. I agree. I was thinking, too, that maybe because they had groupies in the '70s that it skewed their view of female fans? I know that's not what TJ was saying there - he was talking about lack of fans, not why women like Python - but it's on a similar topic.

I just today watched 'Royal Episode 13', which pans across the audience, & there were lots of girls there! Not just seeming to be with boyfriends, either.

Then again though ... I suppose an actual member of Python knows better what their experience of fans was. And of course it's going to be different 1 or 2 generations later.

the_thina at 8:27 am February 06

did they have groupies? I just heard the story about a gir fainting in mikes arms and him beeing all freaked out about it, and that have always made me think there was not much groupies, maybe girls WANTING to but never in fact interacting with the boys. but maybe they didnt and still dont want to tell all the horny-fans-stories they might have.

Here Comes Another One at 4:46 pm February 06

There was some stuff going on in America during the tours ... and I read somewhere that even tho' the 'official position' was that there were no groupies, there were.

the_thina at 5:47 pm February 06

oh I see... well, I knew about graham sleeping with a mountie in canada. and having this little gay-clubs-guide and running about having adult fun when ever he had the chanse... but thats not exactly groupies, and gray was very much speaking loudly about these things...
but hey, you live and learn. ;)

Here Comes Another One at 10:50 pm February 06

I think I read it while previewing 'Monty Python Live' on Amazon.com - I haven't read the whole book though so I can't say for sure.

the_thina at 3:45 pm February 07

oh ok. I do have a python-book called "from flying circus to spamalot" but I have to say I have only skimmed it. *blushes*

the_thina: I have heard jonesy saying there are not many female python-fans before, and I honestly dont know where he got that idea and why he is holding on to it with dear life (he obviously has not taken a look around in here!) but who knows... maybe he thinks the girls watching python just do so to get a glimps of his bottom, and if he does, well we can let him think that. ;)

Jatta at 1:28 pm February 05

you know, I've been wondering about that too... I mean before I found my way here I thought I was one of the very few female fans of Monty Python and I was really positively surprised when I noticed most of us are actually female :D Apart from you guys here, I don't know any other female fans either... He might change his mind if he saw one of our drool-threads ;)

the_thina at 1:39 pm February 05

well, IRL most python-fans I know are guys, but that might have something to do with the fact that 90% of my friends IRL are male. haha. but this place surely proofs that there are many girls who love python, and even if many also are attracted to the lads I cant imagine that is the only reason

Jatta at 1:45 pm February 05

That's true, at least for me, I laughed first and drooled afterwards :)

the_thina at 2:08 pm February 05

haha! yeah, I think I have had tiny cruches on all of them (mostly eric tho) but those teenage-hormone-cruches never overlit the fact that I just found them so god damn funny. it was almost the other way around, that the fact they made me laugh so much also maqde me think they where cute. :)

Jatta at 2:22 pm February 05

Well, I laughed at them when I was still too young to drool over anyone :) But the fact that they are funny doesn't make them any less attractive :)

the_thina at 3:03 pm February 05

haha, well, I became a fan when I was about 10, but then again I had allready hit puberty by then... so even if I was a child by age I was a teenager by mind so the cruches kicked in almost at once.

the_thina at 12:53 pm February 05

oh, maybe I should explain if its not obvious, with "a glimps of his bottom" I was talking about the nude organist of course

mrsCutout at 2:55 pm February 05

Ofcourse you were!! I think it was obvious hahaha!
I must say I too first loved them for being funny and then for anything else.I meen in the begining I couldn't tell appart Jonesy with Michael! Then I got obsessed ....

the_thina at 3:06 pm February 05

haha! well, in the beginning I recogniced john from fawlty towers (wich my mother absolutely LOVES so it was thanks to her I had seen it) and eric from nuns on the run. but the first time I saw life of brian I think I accually thought brians mom was played by a woman! I know, stupid, but keep in mind this was when it was shown on the telly with bad reception, and the thought of a man in a female role never had enterd my mind before