The End of Pythonline

After close to 20 years, Pythonline will cease operations on August 31, 2014.
It's been a pleasure.


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margaretthatcher: i hate to see you go then, but i am grateful that you choose to care for this site as a form of duty to us lonely hearts.
you guys take care and good luck in the new world of advertising and other forms of conspiracy they put on us losers.
take care and cheerio.
margaret thatcher

Johnnyrose: BURMA!!

Johnnyrose: ... don't do that...
I've been here since 2007....
...where Im I going to to....?
Mado so many friends...

The Other OTHER Operation: To quote Joni Mitchell: "Don't it always seem to go/That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

I've noticed this phenomenon before: a site for something popular closes down, and it's always for the same reason: no promotion! Seriously, Monty Python is still popular, but how many people even know this site exists?

cony: Still here? Is there hope?

arkennedy at 11:18 am September 09

Perhaps there is still hope :) I hope so.

arkennedy: Thanks for Pythonline :) I enjoyed the site, and I'll miss it and the Pythonliners.

genji: Well that's a damn shame. It was good to know it was there.

victorrey: How can we stop the madness??????????

cony: Oh no!Last show, Pythonline ends, armageddon is near!

Brian: WHY?!

grayskies: That's sad to read. I just joined recently. Still reading the plethora of old posts. :(