Eric animated Icon

I made this animated icon from two Eric icons posted by usa_babe00 on Photobucket
( and )

If you like it feel free to use it.

BTW: you'll have to click on it to see the animation.

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Lady and Laird Candermine: I love these... I want to steal them all and use them... :) .... over and over again... great work ... yet again... arkenney!

Johnnyrose: Nice and funny, arkennedy!!!

arkennedy at 5:47 pm January 28

Thanks :)

Paute: Ohh sorry. I think the video was more extended...

arkennedy at 5:47 pm January 28

I'm not really sure what you mean by the video was more extended. I know there was more to this in the actual sketch these images are from. This is just an animated icon though, I'm not trying to take credit for making a video.

Paute at 6:49 pm January 28

No no! Eric was the phrase when they filmed him eating!
I did´n say for the duration of the icon.

thewastelandr: Hehe how cute!

arkennedy at 5:48 pm January 28

Thanks :)