Eric Idle on BBC 4

Eric Idle discusses the forthcoming tour of the musical Spamalot and his comedic oratorio Not the Messiah, based on Monty Python's Life of Brian.

"Thanks Cleese, you´re a bastard"

For listen the program: (30 minutes aprox)

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Lvndr HppE: He looks like he's about to dance in this picture.

thewastelandr at 8:57 am May 21


crzyltvn at 7:14 pm May 23

Or do a silly walk...though that is more Cleese's thing.

Fettle at 6:50 am May 24

Nooo its the dance he does in RWT : "so get em off baby! give it to me now...."

Paute at 7:41 am May 24

A silly Dance!

the_thina: is he only on the first 10 minutes? damn, was hoping for a full halfhour, then they start talking about nichoas cage?! could not care less about him! :/
but anyway, thanks. 10 minutes is better than nothing

Paute at 3:14 pm May 23

Yes... the first minutes.
You´re right. 10 minutes is better than nothing

arkennedy at 9:13 pm May 23

At least we didn't have to wait until the end to hear the part with Eric.

Paute at 7:23 am May 24

The Silly dance!!

Hanri at 7:30 am May 24 Like this one! ;)

kisch: Thank you!!!! I somehow missed that, and now I can listen to it!
Eric is love.

Paute at 3:13 pm May 23

You´re welcome!

arkennedy: I just listened to the interview, thanks for the link, Paute :)

mrsCutout: awww love that man he's awesom!

Lady and Laird Candermine: SUPER just what I was looking for!!! Thanks Paute!!!

Paute at 12:42 pm May 19

You´re welcome!
Eric sounds... happy!

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