Eric Idle descended in full angel

Eric Idle from Monty Python descended in full angel regalia to celebrate Mike Nichols at AFI’s Lifetime Achievement Awards.

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Holly: I'd like a miniature replica for the top of my Christmas tree!

Colonel Daughter at 2:31 pm June 19

now, THIS is an idea!!! XD

mrsCutout: AMAZING JR thank you so much haha oh my that must have been a great moment!

Johnnyrose: Go ahead, Paute! :0)

Paute: Can i steal the pic for the Eric´s thread?

Johnnyrose: Hey, Lvndr HppE, This is not from Brazil... ;0)

Lvndr HppE: That would be really nice, except that's a picture of Terry Jones. Wait. {takes another look} No, you're right. That IS Eric Idle! Golly, he almost looks like Terry J in this picture. I mean in the face. Yes, facewise, he looks like Tery J. How peculiar. lol

the_thina at 11:37 am June 20

my first thought too. "thats not eric, its terry! no.... wait... what?!" haha.
its the wig too, he looks like some scary old housewife terry would play back in the day. haha

mrsCutout at 3:40 am June 15

SHIT YEAH!!!!!!! I realy actualy thought it was Terry !wow what a resemblance!!

Paute: Oh!! my angel! I love this guy!