Eric Idle Responds to Your Fatuous Comments

This video was upload yesterday.
Hilarius answers!! Makes me laugh so much!

Love, Eric LOVE!!!

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Lvndr HppE:

lol. I couldn't resist.

Lady and Laird Candermine at 12:03 pm May 27

brilliant and something else to steal ... thank you Lvndr HppE

Paute at 1:32 pm May 27

JAJAJAJAJJA Amazing cap!!
His face!! OMG!!
Thanks Lvndr HppE!!!!

the_thina at 1:38 pm May 27

ok, a bit stupid (?) and off topic question here....
but I see pepole, including you, writing "jajaja" all over the internet. what do you mean by it? a bit confusing since "ja" in my language meand "yes" or if you talk/write fast it can also mean "me"

Paute at 1:50 pm May 27

In Spanish the "ja ja" means in english the "ha ha"
We are multilingual!!

Ja = Yes = Ha

Lvndr HppE at 3:24 am May 30

Ah, I kinda figured that's what you meant. You seem to say "Jajaja" when something is funny. :-P

Paute at 7:08 am May 30


the_thina at 2:13 pm May 27

haha ok. :P
if you in swedish says "jajaja" in a irritated tone it basicly means you want whoever is talking to shout the fuck up. haha. so a bit confusing. :P

Arthur-two sheds-jackson at 1:08 am May 28

"I'm not a doctor but I do have basic gynecology knowledge" Ha Ha Ha, classic! Idle on top form

Paute: Lovely man!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: His reaction to the porn site was hilarious! 'Who's Alexis, and does she have a gorgeous ass? Actually, you'd better cut that.'

thewastelandr: "You'd better cut that" - story of his life! I love it!!

Lady and Laird Candermine:

Just on quesiton, "who is that guy? "

the_thina at 6:13 pm May 25

glad to see more pepole like my screen-cap. :D
had to make it just because... well... BECAUSE. but this is the first time I see someone else upload it after me. haha

Lady and Laird Candermine at 12:02 pm May 27

SUPER CAP THINA... thank you for making it~~~~

the_thina at 1:16 pm May 27

no problem. :)

Paute at 10:21 am May 26

Ja! Is a great cap!

Lvndr HppE: I wanna hug the screen now and pretend I'm hugging Eric Idle. But instead I'll send you a hug for posting this!

Lvndr HppE at 2:57 pm May 25

And a cat howl for his showing off his hairy left breast on youtube.

the_thina at 3:26 pm May 25

hahaha. but he is not that hairy. graham was the hairiest one

Lvndr HppE at 3:30 pm May 25

It was still pretty dang hairy.

the_thina at 3:35 pm May 25

haha, well, more hariy than my boobs anyway. hahahhaha.

mrsCutout: 2:26-3:19 oh so true it must have been terrificc! oh dear just cou;dn't stop laughing i just love him! He looks so sexy in this red shirt! thanks paute!

Paute at 4:52 pm May 25

You´re welcome!!!

the_thina: hahahahahaa.... OH HOW LOVELY! almost better than the last one. I love them beeing rude... come to think of it, I love them no matter what they do. haha

sit-on-my-face: NIPPLE! I don't know what I like the most, the nipple or the mind.