Eric Idle still in London!!

Eric Idle was spotted at the Ivy in London on Saturday - Does anyone know if hes here for any more appearances? Or if he'll be appearing on shows like Paul O'Grady etc?

I know he's probably just spending time in London for the sake of it but id LOVE to know if I will have another chance to meet him :)

Any news, please let me know :)


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the_thina: why london? why not come to sweden? ugh! but still, nice to know he is in europe at least I guess

thewhoserpython: WOOOO Eric's still here! Send him up back up North to his home!

pythonnewbie at 9:29 am November 07

I agree wholeheartedly!;)

Fettle at 12:26 pm November 07

I'd follow him if he was to go up the least stalkerish way possible!!

marga: Eric was also in Madrid, on October 27th, to attend the Spamalot production, so he never stops!

Fettle at 11:40 am November 05

So he was in London on the 24th, Madrid on the 27th and back in London on the 31st....than man lives the life!!
Hope he's in London to do more appearances, would kill to meet him again!!

Lady April at 9:41 am November 06

Kill???? Ugh..... glad I dun live in London!!!!!!!