Eric Idle's Secrets to Success

Just an interesting little article I found in the paper this morning :)

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sit-on-my-face: I think silly men are the wisest.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 2:55 am March 22

Indeed ;)

MontyPythonrocks18: haha I love him in that robe XO

Paute: Jejeje great article! Eric is adorable, is a great thinker.

mrsCutout: haha this is great! thank you for sharing! Ah he is brilliant!

kisch: Thank you J. - lovely article!

thewastelandr: Love it!!! "The two things in life we should all fear are death and boredom. If anything, boredom is worse." - great quote.

arkennedy: Thanks for posting the link :)
btw: I love the photo you posted.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 9:45 am March 21

Teehee, glad you like it =D

Lvndr HppE at 12:06 pm March 21

Ooh, I love that robe!

Mrs Conclusion at 1:19 pm March 25

I'd love him OUT of the robe! Nudge nudge! x