Eric Loves JOHN

Great news everybody!! Eric Still loves John and the daily mail was all wrong (look it almost rhythms)
Eric Idle wrote this as an addition to his Olympic Post on his Blog

In fact the only downer of the whole experience was the usual attempt by The Daily Mail to create a war between us Pythons, and in particular between me and John Cleese. One thing you can say about The Daily Mail is they never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. This morning I was amazed to read the hoary old lie about Pythons at war with each other trotted out yet again, with a series of old “quotes” this time “written” (perhaps “made up” is a better word) by a an old ex-girlfriend of Terry Gilliam’s called Glenys Roberts, a woman who might easily have been made up by Private Eye. They tried this on last December announcing a war between myself and John Cleese and I wrote at once to John, assuring him I love him, and have always been grateful for the many laughs he has given me throughout my life. He replied warmly and we have been on very good terms ever since. Now on the occasion of his marriage they try again. So I have written to him again, congratulating him on his marriage and wishing him great happiness. Lest there be any mistake. I like John Cleese. He is very, very funny. He has been working incredibly hard over the last few years, and I wish him well for the rest of his life. I like the rest of the Pythons. We get on very well. I do not like The Daily Mail. I can only urge you to laugh at them. Best yet, ignore them. And of course “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life.”

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Johnnyrose: Way to go, Eric! That's the way, aha, I like it... :0)