An Evening with Michael Palin


"Michael Palin is the author of a number of children’s stories, the play The Weekend and the novel Hemingway’s Chair. In 2006 the first volume of his diaries, 1969–1979: The Python Years, spent many weeks on the bestseller lists, as have his travel books. In 2008 he filmed Around the World in 20 Years a programme celebrating his first travel series, Around the World in 80 Days. In 2009 the second volume of his diaries, 1980-1988: Halfway to Hollywood was published. The Michael Barnes Scholarships and Travel Bursaries

Michael Palin is funding a new bursary scheme for drama students at Queen’s
University Belfast, in memory of his good friend Michael Barnes, former
Director of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s."

£15 / £12.50 concession

Date Info:
Thursday 28 October 2010

Performance times:

Contact Details
Whitla Hall
Queen's University

Tel: +44 (0) 28 9097 1197

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genji at 12:19 pm September 20

Is there an echo in here?

kisch at 9:05 am September 21

I apologise. Unfortunately, I can't find how to delete my post.

the_thina at 9:40 am September 21

you cant. thats one thing I dont really like in here, you cant delete your own posts, or as I would want, edit them

genji at 9:49 am September 21

And there's no structure to the main board. It's just everything lumped in together.

the_thina at 11:31 am September 21

yeah, there are a few things I would change in here if I was in charge. but Im not. haha

genji at 9:13 am September 21

I was only kidding. :) Sorry if I came off all snotty, like.

Hanri at 12:39 pm September 21

I have the power to delete, do you guys wish me to delete that post? Kisch?

genji at 10:04 am September 22

You can delete my 'echo' comment. It was a bit supercilious sod.

It's funny how funny things sounds after a couple of drinks, and how belligerent they sound the next day.

kisch at 9:17 am September 22

No thanks Hanri, I think we'll let it be. But thank you for th offer, now I know whom to ask... just in case:)

Hanri at 10:11 am September 22

I think I'll let these all just be. :) It's not that dangerous to have the same link commented twice. It's not the first time after all. ;)

Johnnyrose at 10:48 am September 25

Hanri, do you have the power to delite the 1ºMinister of Portugal, The #*&&### José Soccrates? If so, please do...

Hanri at 2:24 pm September 25

Well if I give a call to Mr. Vercotti, he might know a guy who could have the power... ;)

mrsCutout: WHY WHY WHY WHY?????Should I live here???Omg! I'd love to go MIkEY!!!!!!!!*snif snif*

genji at 8:30 am September 20

I would have seriously considered hopping on a ferry and spending a couple of nights there. I've never been to Belfast.

mrsCutout at 1:25 pm September 22

I'd do this too...I have already seriously considered it you know! But i haven't the money or the time.I live in Greece i'm in the final class have exams DAMN DAMN DAMN!!

genji: Sadly it's already completely sold out.

Tanya_Birklid19: GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA GO!!! *composes herself* I mean, me being a theatre major I ought to go. Then, once I'm there, I'll sneak backstage, find Michael and kidnap him, then I'll proceed to a remote location somewhere and hold him for ransom. In the meantime, when I'm waiting, I'll keep him in a hidden location, BUT I'll tell the people the wrong location so when the police come round to find him, he'll actually be locked up in a small shed in western North Dakota whilst I will be poking at him with a pointed stick until they send me the ransom money. And sleep with him. And -- *gruff voice* SHADUP YOU! *bang* Aaaaaaggghh!

Pythonline would like to apologize for the behavior of the member who posted the above comment. It was not in her intention to acutally kidnap Michael Palin and hold him for ransom. The problem has been taken care of. *a voice in the distance* No it hasn't! *another bang* *thud*

ThankYouSaystheGreatQueen: Why do I not live in the UK? :C

TheRealGilliamFan: Thanks for the info!