facebook chat turned off

hello my darlings.
just felt to give a public statement, since I know many of you have me on facebook. (if you dont, the name is thina hederstedt)
I have turned off the chat, since I have this extremely annoying guy after me, he is in love with me or something, spamming me with "what are you doing?" "do you like me?" and bla bla bla when I have tha chat open.
and since I have run out of ways to tell him to piss off (he refuses to understand) I have turned off the chat for now. maybe Ill turn it on later, but not yet for at least 5 months.

so if you are missing me, drop me a mail, write on my site or something.
if you want my msn to have a chat you can get it trough mail.
or if you have my msn and whant me to come on you can say so.

random pic so this will show up in watch.

loves you all! love and kisses!

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A. Lupin: have you tried blocking him? That must be awful. I had this other creep repeatedly fb message me asking if I wanted him to come and see me or if I wanted to date him. I know how you feel!

Lady and Laird Candermine: i have no facebook... but if they come out with a sitonmyfacebook ... I'M IN!!!! ..
sorry you are being bothered by a nit!

A. Lupin at 7:18 pm August 05

I would definitely join SitOnMyFacebook! xD you should make it into a website

Lady and Laird Candermine at 11:13 am August 06

LOL ... I'd like to sitonmyfacebook ... yes! Glad you liked it ..... first time I heard someone say, 'my facebook' I could help but hear sit on it....;P

mrsCutout: Ughh!This is most annoying!Can't you report the guy?Bloody bastard!