Was perusing the fanfic/fanfiction tags and was wondering if anyone had seen any other fanfics they could recommend? Particularly fics with Michael and/or Eric but any with all the Pythons are good too.

Sadly it doesn't seem like there's much Python fic out there anymore. I have a collection of it on my site (both by myself and others) but I've been looking to read new fics lately and haven't found much.

Any recs? Would be great if you could lead me to some :)

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CleeseGirlPinkie: i am willing to make my own
i already am i think i will post
some soon

DrWinstonOrPiglet at 7:47 am June 29

Great! I'd love to read it :)

By the way, if anyone's interested, I've updated my website (palinidle[dot]topcities[dot]com) and have a new forum. If anyone wants to join up and post some fic or fic ideas that you have, please do.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Yeah, I was part of the same team as Tanya (Mrs Galahad) and it was a very fun thing.

I would like to do it again, the Round Robin thing. I think I was part of the Idle/Palin board a long time ago and I do vaguely remember this.

So yeah, let's boogie!

DrWinstonOrPiglet at 4:13 pm June 17

That would be loads of fun. :) Incidentally, I got the Palin & Idle board going again... well actually I made a new one as the site where it was hosted appears to be down. If anyone's interested in doing anything over there as well, here's the URL:

mrs galahad 19: Well I will say that a few years ago there was a small ragtag team of us writing fics, first by posting it then several people didn't like them being on the forum so we sent them via messaging. There was a post about a multiple choice story game that turned into fanfiction, the whole community was involved then it dwindled down to less than 10 of us.

I am one part of that team and I can help you in any way.

DrWinstonOrPiglet at 5:30 pm June 07

That would be wonderful, thank you! Anything you've read recently (or not-so-recently) that you can recommend? Or do you have any fic ideas or anything else written?

I had a similar thing going on at my Mike & Eric site's message board. We had a "round robin" topic where one person would start the story and the rest of us would continue. It got interesting but sadly they all left... hope it wasn't anything I said. LOL ;) (actually the site where the board was hosted is now dead, I'm trying to revive it somewhere else if there's enough interest)

DrWinstonOrPiglet: You're welcome! Going to do some more updating tonight. I thought I'd lost some of the pix I'd been meaning to add to it, but I found some of my old cd-roms and there they were, safe and sound! *phew*

Rumbledoll: Thanks for the link - will check it out this weekend :-)

DrWinstonOrPiglet: I've spent many an hour hunting for more fics. It's been a while since I found some good Python ones. Ooh you definitely should! I'd love to see what you come up with. :)

Sure, it's:

I know it needs a lot of updating, but I should have some time to do that now!

Rumbledoll: Oooooooooooooooohhhhh, fanfics....that sounds like a good way to spend a weekend - I haven't come across any, but then I haven't looked. I used to write a lot of fanfic (mostly Beatles), maybe I should try my hand at a bit of Palin fiction.
Can you point me to your site? I would be ever so grateful :-D