fast red carpet-talk with mike

just found this and saw it had only have a little under 200 views, and knowing all yo mike-crazy gals in here beeing quite active now I thought I might as well share. ;)
+ I think this thing is a very good thing of him to do.
there is also this link I havent gone to, but some of you may want to:

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mrsCutout: omg thina this is excellent! Awww Mickey!

TheRealGilliamFan: Thanks Thina! He's such a doll <3

Lvndr HppE: Awww, bless him and his work.

Holly: Oh, he's adorable. I think this is a great find Thina, and very interesting.

kisch: *mike-crazy girl speaks in me suddenly*
He's still very attractive.

TheSister91: thanks Thina.... this made my day! :D

Here Comes Another One: Thanks for sharing, Thina! Good for him, I think.