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we have some favorite sketch threads but I don't think I have seen one for your favorite Gilliamation so I shall provide one :]

As for me, I really love the animation 'A Magnificent Festering' with the couple James and Beatrice and Beatrice says "I could make such a fool of myself over you" and James says "oh do, do." and she says "Oh yes, James, Yes!" and then puts on some of those glasses that have a big nose and moustache attached to them; I like was not expecting that the first time I saw it and scream laughed hahaha

So which Gilliamation makes you scream laugh?

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Monty Petra: Oh, and I've always enjoyed the one with the hippo hopping on the rabbits.

Colonel Daughter: I hysterically laugh at the sequence with the hands-trees and a person who comes riding a hand as it was a horse. AND I DON'T KNOW WHY.
Truly great the criminal being chased inside of himself ( in his intestines, etc. ) by the police.

(the voices are more often those of Gil and Mike, sometimes Gray - i.e. in the "TV is bad for your eyes" animation I'm sure they're mike and gray)

jayz7: Great editing!!

mrsCutout: Hhaaha! i love this sketch it\s so so silly!
I love the one -in the first episode was it?- with the dancing people!! And the killer cats!! And the spot sketch! I have so many!!

The Ex-Leper at 7:50 pm January 15

hahaha the animation that has the giant cat that attacks the killer cars when my friend and I watched that one she laughed like a maniac at the cat because I just love how it is just a picture of what a cat looks like when you pick it up underneath its front legs and he made it like walk around bahahaha it is just hysterical

The Ex-Leper: do you ever like imagine the Pythons recording the sound effects for these animations? I bet it is hysterical haha

the_thina at 4:11 pm January 13

I think gilly made most of it himself. I seem to remember him saying in some interview or something that the rest of them had no idea what he was doing until they where done

The Ex-Leper at 5:57 pm January 13

ahh well I notice some of the voices sound like michael and them sometimes so who knows

the_thina at 7:19 pm January 13

yeah, Ive noted that as well, that is what makes me confused. but since gilly never did so much acting, who knows, maybe he can imitate the others to perfection. :)

The Ex-Leper at 10:21 pm January 13

hahahaha that would be amazing :D even Carol Cleveland's voice hahaha

the_thina at 11:49 am January 15

haha yeah

mrsCutout at 2:18 pm January 14

OMG!!! I alwasy imagine them making the voices! I even recognise mist of them! It would be so funny!!!!! Ahhh!!! But yes there are some voices I dont recognise it gets on m nerves haha!

the_thina at 11:50 am January 15

well, I think that at least in the beginning gilly made most of them. and hey, still waiting for your mail

mrsCutout at 4:39 pm January 15

My mail???Ugh I have lost episodes here! I'll send a Private message!

Here Comes Another One: I'm watching Life of Brian atm and I've decided the beginning credits are my new fave.

J.Gambolputty at 9:22 am January 13

Btw, on my opinion they are the worlds best credits. ;)

mrsCutout at 2:19 pm January 14

He was certainly not........a girl called brian!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 11:20 am January 14

Along with the Holy Grail credits :D

A moose once bit my sister ...

J.Gambolputty at 11:24 am January 14

Oh, yes. I forgot them. They're the second best..

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 11:23 am January 14

And don't forget the Meaning of Life credits. Quite disturbingly amazing :D
Mr. Gilliam has a messed up mind. I <3 him!

The Ex-Leper: I also love the leaves animation on Meaning of Life where they all commit suicide bahaha

mrsCutout at 2:19 pm January 14

omg yes!!!!

arkennedy: I think I've decided which is my favorite. The one where the paintings and sculptures in the art gallery go on strike.

The Ex-Leper: I also like the one where the old lady trips the bus so that she can get on it

mrsCutout at 2:20 pm January 14

Hahhaaha! It's so funny! And the one Arky mentioned! Amazing! As I said they're so many!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Oh, yeah, A Magnificent Festering! That one's amazing! I love the fact they keep the two characters the same and they keep changing the background atmosphere (which is so pointless) and it's awesome!

Along with that one, my other fav has to be from ep 9. Eric's an announcer and he introduces an act simply called 'Brian Islam and Brucie' and I remember these two guys dancing to some music and they did the splits and their legs start rotating and they split in two etc.
Well, it's complicated, but heck it's FLIPPIN' HILARIOUS!

The Ex-Leper at 12:05 pm January 12

haha!! I have that episode on VHS I love it!!

Here Comes Another One: My favourites are the one with the two women chopping bits off each other & shooting at each other, & guns coming out of their heads etc, and the 2001 A Space Odyssey parody where the ape gets struck by the spaceship. Hilarious! Oh yes and Spiny Norman of course.

the_thina: dont know their names but one with a bunch of fairy policemen who takes care of a bunch of frogs that have a spell. loads of frogs that sit around burping.
I also really like the ANFSCD-version of the price who has a spot on his face that was cancer and leads his own laugh. two things in that one makes me scream with laughter: the way the prince is jumping around on all fours in the beginning and then when the spot just goes "blap" onto the head of someone and another person comes and laughs about it. the sound of that laugter! XD
and then I like the one with the venus beginning to dance. oh, there are just so many of them!

the_thina at 4:37 pm January 11

"leads his own LIFE" I ment

Lvndr HppE: That is a good animation. I've always liked the one where the guy is standing in a valley and sees an ambulance go by in the distance, and then sees it again, but closer up. Then it crosses again but even closer. Then it runs him over. :-) At least that's the one that came to mind. There could be others that I like more.

Monty Petra: I always liked the cannibalism one. So nastly but hilarious.


arkennedy: For me it's hard to choose but one of my favorites is from Holy Grail, where the sun and clouds are exercising and making so much noise that the person can't concentrate on his writing.

the_thina at 4:35 pm January 11

oh that is a great one! and the people playing trumpets with their arses. XD