Favorite Python?

This subject is probably been posted to death on this forum. I know if I was one of the members whose been here for a while I would go insane if I saw this over and over again.

But I'm new so maybe they'll be an exception....no. okay lol!

My favorite member is Terry Jones. ♡♡ Because he has a very unique sense of humor. I've also gotten into his historian shows as well so that made me love him even more :)

John Cleese comes in a close second though.

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arkennedy: Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin are my favorites but I like them all :)

bluerose96: I keep trying to pick a favourite but it's too hard to choose! At the moment it would probably be
1. Michael Palin
2. Graham Chapman
3. Terry Jones
4. Eric Idle
5. John

Johnnyrose: ... well... let me think... ALL!!

Paute: High Five! Terry Jones too!!!!

margaretthatcher: maybe there is some thing wrong with you then

honeyvaccine_: Where is everyone!?

I agree. Trust me, it was really hard to choose because they are all awesome!

Brian: I'm new too, I don't think I have a favourite - I like them all!! They are all amazing actors and writers!