Fawlty Towers blooper reel/ Out-takes

I were browsing youtube today, and found this hilarious blooper reel/ Out-takes from Fawlty Towers.
Footage I had never seen anywere else, featuring Johnny and the rest of the cast.

A must see for fans of Fawlty Towers or just John Cleese in general :)

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mrsCutout: Ahahahaha! Yes seen this!!! I love it everytime I get tears!! Lol!

Inspector Tiger: I love when the wall shakes and he proceeds to check it xD

Lvndr HppE at 8:57 pm January 30

Me, too!

Here Comes Another One at 10:08 pm January 30

That's my favourite bit too!

J.Gambolputty: Thank you for sharing. :DD Hilarious.