A Few Pictures I Drew Today

I was bored and tired as all hell after my finals today, so I sat down and drew a few pictures. Two of them are shown here. The first one I think I explained in it, and the second, well that really explains itself aswell. Anyway, I do take requests for stuff, but only for computer art and clay figurines. The clay takes a bit longer, so don't expect to see something immediately if you do request one of those. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.
-Fred (That's not my real name, but some of you guys will get it *winkwink nudgenudge

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mrsCutout: AHA!!!!!!!

l_wojcik: I would defnitely want to be a Brit, too! Or an Italian but, that only because my family is Italian...

champagneeyes: Those are very cute. :)

HELLOPOLLY: :D it is the same base ^_^ this is really good , lol no one ever seems to like their own nationality :L im Brittish an so is my friend an she wishes she was Canadian :L

champagneeyes at 12:06 pm January 29

LOL, yes. I'm in the U.S. but I would happily move to Britain or the British Columbia part of Canada. The grass is always greener.

a_nervous_wreck at 12:30 pm January 29

Here here!

TheBlancmange: I love the pictures! They're amazing!
I am British (technically Scottish) and proud of it but one of my friends has moved to America and loads of my friends have visited. Sadly, I haven't but I'd like to some time!

a_nervous_wreck: I just noticed that it looks like Graham's scratching his butt. That was not intended though, he was meant to be sticking his hand in his pocket, but I forgot to draw the pocket part... oops

mrsCutout: hahaha! Cool! I love that you drw them shirtless!!

Tanya_Birklid19: I too want to be a Brit, even though I am part English, I still want to be rid of this bloody country and live in Britain! I could go on, but I'll stop there.

And I really must compliment on the second picture :) Very well done. So in order it's John, Graham, Eric, Terry J, Mike, Terry G

a_nervous_wreck at 7:17 pm January 22

Actually it's Mike, Graham, Eric, John, Terry J, and Terry G. This wasn't one of my better pictures I'll admit, they turned out looking nothing like they actually do, but I was also half asleep when I did the hair, so that could explain some of it.

Here Comes Another One at 7:56 pm January 22

Yay, I got them right, mostly - I mixed up John & Mike.

Tanya_Birklid19 at 9:35 am January 23

Really? I wouldn't think John would have that long of hair. But yes, I would agree with that being half asleep was the suspect in this.

a_nervous_wreck at 12:12 pm January 23

Yeah. I think I was trying to make his hair look disheveled or something, but that utterly failed, didn't it?

Lvndr HppE: A lot of Americans I know want to be British. Myself included. Meanwhile, I know two British people that now live here. Maybe we should do some sort of exchange. Two Americans must now live in Britain, to make up for the British people that live here!

Here Comes Another One: Good one Fred! *say no more* I wish I could draw like that.

a_nervous_wreck at 9:13 am January 22

Thanks HCAO *Is she a goer, know what I mean*