I just finished watching Firece Creatures on television!My stomach hurts from all the laughter!Everything was perfect and in every scene you had to laugh!I love this film so much it is so silly and mike is again goregeous!!!!God Bless you John!

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mrs.twoshedsgallahad: haha, I remember that part!

"Don't don't, don't!.... stop it! stop licking my....get off now!"

And the part where the ostrich (Im pretty sure it was the ostrich) farted on him. I'm immature for saying this but i couldn't stop laughing. This is my favorite scene. Well, this and the one where Bugsy, the girl, and Rollo are hiding in a closet.

mrsCutout at 11:02 am October 28

Oh yes that was hillarious!!As pretty much everything in the film!I think it is a little funnier than wanda i was laughing so hard in this one that i had tears in my eyes!