I've just watched Fierce Creatures. I haven't watched it since it was first released in 1792. Why wasn't this movie as big a hit at least as A Fish Called Wanda? It's utterly brilliant. Apart from exquisitely delivered lines like, "It's just a flesh wound," "Stunning creatures, sea lions - wonderful plumage," and "Then there's the African migratory locust," there's the brilliant "Freudian slit - slut - slot." The whole thing is hilariously funny and it passed far too quickly.

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Lvndr HppE: Wow. I thought I was the only one who loved this movie. I think I like it better than "Wanda", because I used to work at a zoo. So, its I feel like a lot of it is "zoo humour". I loved the part with the fake panda. People actually used to ask me if the animals in the exhibits were real.

genji at 10:07 am October 29

Yeah the fake panda's amazing, especially when Kevin Kline starts riding it.

I don't know why I never watched this film again until the other night. I don't why my memory of it was that it wasn't as good as Wanda because I agree - it's much funnier. And I've never worked in a zoo.

kisch: Fierce Creatures is a fantastic film and it must not be compared to AFCW at all, and why? They are totally different.
I love this film, and I love AFCW equally.
Michael's character - !!!!!!!!!!!

mrsCutout: You think?I also thought it was amazing! It was funnier than A fish Called Wanda but ok let's face it that film was a masterpiece and a classic! But I thought Fierce Creatures was brilliant indeed! Sweet hillarious and the cast?Wow!

genji at 9:30 pm October 26

Yes a great, funny cast and some great ideas like Mr. Palin's stuttering being transformed into constant yapping, and his fish replaced by a spider. A lovely reference to the moment Archie called his wife "Wanda" when he calls Willa "Wanda".

the_thina: I think the thing is that it was over-shadowed by a fish called wanda. and that people got frutrated when you have the same actors, but they are playing different characters than they did on wanda. that may have confused some. but I agree with you, it is a very good movie and deserves to get more credit

genji at 9:20 pm October 26

We watched A Fish Called Wanda the previous evening and it was good, given that we've seen it a few times over the years, but it didn't have me wiping tears of laughter away. Fierce Creatures did, although much of that is because I probably wasn't as familiar with it.

the_thina at 2:26 am October 27

yes I know. I got both of them on dvd last christmas, and then it had been a few years since I saw them. I had seen both before of course, my parents have them on some old video-tape. but anyway, I felt quite the same way as you do. wanda has its good moments, like when mike gets fries up his nose and a pear in his mouth (but I hate kev in that scene, since I am pretty much as fond of animals as "ken" is, even if I dont really get the deal with fishs as pets, I want to cuddle my pets) BUT on a whole I think fierce creatures is much better. the storyline is simply more appealing to me.

genji at 9:25 am October 27

True. A Fish Called Wanda is a straightforward heist movie. While Fierce Creatures does have some derivative aspects (e.g. the plucky little team standing up against the multi-national conglomerates and the farcical sexual misunderstandings) it feels like a much more original story.

It's also great how the four actors reprise their relationships from the earlier film - Kevin Kline being obsessed with Jamie Lee Curtis, who ends up with Mr. Cleese.

I love those self-referencing setups and the scope for insider jokes. That's why I like Kevin Smith movies so much.

Not that late: First of all: The movie was released in 1792! Man, you ARE old! XD

One thing I remember about this movie is related to "The Meaning of Life", sometimes they say that it was supposed to be the third World War and the soldiers were going to wear adverstisments on their uniforms, like race pilots, right? And that's what they do in the zoo, the workers have to wear that uniforms with brands on it.

PS: How do you write italics?

genji at 9:08 pm October 26

Yeah - that was another thing that made me titter. It was too good an idea to waste. I assume much of the funding for Fierce Creatures came from those sponsors, as was intended for Meaning of Life.