Finally! My dvd´s arrived!

Sadly my book "Michael Palin diaries" never arrived. They made a mistake and sent me the book: Titch. WTF???
They told me my book is coming. Damn Peter! and extra damn for the weekend!

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: The Diaries are amazing. Even after reading it like 5 gazillion times, you have to re-read again because you tend to miss some really good bits.
Yes, very sad it got replaced with some gay book about a stupid boy named Titch (which was adapted into a TV series that I used to watch in the 90's XD How sad am I?)

How can that little thing even COMPARE to Palin's 600+ page Diaries?! Haha!

mrsCutout at 7:27 am September 11

OMG is Titch a boy? I actualy thought it was a little blond girl! oh no my eyes aren't well!
But mike's diaries !What a great book!

Colonel Daughter: the palin diaries are actually one of the best books I've ever read in my life. So much so that I'm thinking of buying the 'sequel', halfway to hollywood...

A. Lupin: I have Mike's diaries and they're really interesting ... somehow I don't see how "Titch" is a good replacement.

TheRealGilliamFan: i hate when that happens!

Paute at 4:25 pm September 03

And I don´t understand the book.

mrsCutout: Haha what a silly book lol! But wowowow congrats for your dvd it's amazing!How could have I missed it?It's amazing I'm buying it too!Where did you get it from?Vongrats again!

mrsCutout at 4:07 pm September 03

I meant congrats haha XD

Paute at 4:24 pm September 03

I bought the dvd´s on ebay. Just one dolar!
I saw more offers like this.

mrsCutout at 5:05 am September 11

ONE DOLAR? omg! that's cool...uhm how much would that be in euro?Oh well I'll try my convertor!