Find The Fish Game

I thought of a game inspired by a certain scene from "Meaning of Life". I'm sure you can guess which scene I'm referring to :)

This is the Find the Fish game. It's similar to "Can You Find Gilliam?" (I will still be posting more of those)because you have to find something and the Screen Cap Challenge because each person posts his or her guess and then whoever gets it right gets to post the next image.

How to play:

One person chooses an image (any image they like it doesn't have to be from Monty Python but it can be), hides a fish somewhere in the image and posts it at the top of the thread. I've posted some fish that you can use if you want to but you can use any image of a fish.

Then people search for the fish and write down where they think the fish is. Whoever gets it right gets to hide their own fish in an image and post it.

I've hidden the first fish.

Please post in the same way we post the elimination and association games so it will be easier to follow the game.

Enjoy :)

Edit: I noticed French Taunter asked if more than one fish could be hidden in this game. I hadn't thought of that before but it's a good idea :)
So here's an addition to the rules of the game: You may hide more more than one fish as long as you tell people you've hidden more than one fish (although you don't have to tell people how many fish are in the image).
Thanks French Taunter, for the idea :)

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This time I decided to hide some fish in a photo of my two cats: Toby and Sassy. Not all the fish in this image are Python fish.

French Taunter at 2:52 am August 30

Ok, nice cats!;) Are you sure there are any fish in their stomac? ;) BTW I like the way their eyes are, looks like they have more functions than a car!^^

arkennedy at 9:34 am August 30

Thanks :)

I suppose there could have been more fish before and Toby and Sassy ate them, but I'm just counting the ones they haven't eaten :)

French Taunter:

There we go again! :P

arkennedy at 10:43 am August 29

I like this one :)

I was able to find 6 fish:

1. Under the grail which is under the word "SACRE" in the title.

2. In the bottom left corner in front of Graham.

3. In the bottom right corner in front of John.

4. Sightly to the left and hoght than the one in the bottom right corner and also in front of John.

5. In front of Eric


6. On the bottom in front of Terry Jones.

I almost missed that last one.

arkennedy at 10:47 am August 29

Hmm, looks like I'm guilty of a strange typo. For some reason I typed "hoght" which as far as I know is complete nonsense. So I'd better translate, what I meant to type was the word "higher".

So 4 should have said: "Sightly to the left and higher than the one in the bottom right corner and also in front of John."

French Taunter at 3:06 pm August 29

And yes it is! ^^ Fine that you found even the smaller one! ;) congratulations!

arkennedy at 3:58 pm August 29

Thanks :)

French Taunter at 12:04 pm August 25

An easy one to go back slowly! ^^

arkennedy: Just thought I'd bring this back into circulation.


Just the one fish, but a bunch of other stuff just to confuse you. ;) Not sure what this is, though....

French Taunter at 4:30 pm May 20

The fish is under the sheep and the man, on the right side.

arkennedy at 11:59 am June 20

Looks like it's your turn now French Taunter :)

French Taunter at 3:56 pm June 20

Yes for quite a "moment", I know I have it in mind, just I wait for hollydays! ;)

arkennedy at 11:46 pm August 24

I'm sure it'll be great :) I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Hanri at 9:10 pm May 20

You are correct!

French Taunter at 11:41 am August 25

Fine, I will do one, that you stop on taunting me! ;)

Lvndr HppE:

Okay, here we go! Hopefully I didn't make it too easy.

mrsCutout at 2:06 pm May 10

HAhaha that's so good!!!!!!

Hanri at 12:55 pm May 10

Two on the table and one on the wall. Right?

French Taunter at 1:04 pm May 10

Riktig! Det er din tur nå! ;)

Hanri at 1:07 pm May 10

Heja mig! ;D Jag ska testa en grej....

Lvndr HppE at 10:59 am May 10

There are three fish you need to find.

French Taunter at 11:20 am May 10

I found them! ^^ But I want to see if there is not someone else looking for them! ;)

French Taunter:

There are 5 fishes! ;)

Lvndr HppE at 8:10 am May 09

There are two fish here. One on the white flag in the upper right side. The other on Sir Galahad's shield.

French Taunter at 8:33 am May 09

Yes but there are more than 2 ! ;)

Lvndr HppE at 10:04 am May 10

Oh, yeah. There's one on Patsy's arm.

French Taunter at 10:30 am May 10

yes ^^

Lvndr HppE at 10:05 am May 10

And another on his leg and one on Lancelot's leg!

French Taunter at 10:31 am May 10

YES! Yes !! You find them all ^^ now it is your turn to do an image! ;)


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French Taunter at 3:49 am May 09

There is a sperm ... oops! a fish near Super John Cleese head (at his left -hand- side)

katithepythonfan at 4:24 am May 09

Right-o! Your turn...

French Taunter:

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katithepythonfan at 1:39 am May 08

The fish is on the left from Graham's head, above the moulding...

French Taunter at 2:45 am May 08

Yes this one was too easy! ;) Now it is your turn to do a picture with one fish (or can we do more than one? ;])

arkennedy at 9:11 am May 08

You can hide more than one :) I've edited this thread to add the new rules on hiding more than one fish.

Thanks for the idea :)


Sorry about the wait ark, I completely forgot about this game

arkennedy at 6:03 pm May 07

That's okay, I understand. I know that sometimes threads can get buried if you haven't been on the site for awhile (at least that has happened to me before) and I'm guessing that's what happened in this case.

I like the image by the way :)

a_nervous_wreck at 3:31 pm May 07

Damn it! Wrong picture

French Taunter at 5:24 pm May 07

the silly fish is on the Dryer! ;)

a_nervous_wreck: It's on Graham's hip, right?

arkennedy at 5:01 pm April 25

That's right :)
It's your turn now a_nervous_wrech

a_nervous_wreck at 8:21 pm April 25

Someone else needs to do it, my mom said that I'm not allowed near a computer for about a week. I'm on my phone right now. Sorry arkennedy, I found out after I posted :(

arkennedy at 9:04 pm April 25

That's okay, I understand.

Actually since it's only about a week I think we can wait until you're allowed to use the computer again. That will also give you more time to plan where you want to hide the fish.

arkennedy at 5:02 pm April 25

wreck not wrech, sorry about the typo

French Taunter at 2:12 pm April 25

Hips don't lie! ;) :P