Finding Python

Hello Everyone,

I was just curious to see if anyone had any idea how to contact the members for like say, interview purposes. I'm an online DJ and a teetering on the brink of HUGE Monty Python fan. Anyway, I thought it might be neat for my radio show if I could talk to them. I've been finding addresses here and there, but I want to know if anyone had any luck personally.

If anyone has any idea on how to go about this, I'm all ears.


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PythonDJgirl: Thanks guys! I follow both of them, and I usually tag Eric when I play Monty Python on my radio show. Unfortunately, he's never jumped into my conversations in doing so. I won't give up though. :)

arkennedy: Here is a link to John's twitter account: you may be able to contact him that way but I can't promise anything. I don't know how to contact the others.

charlotte93 at 12:16 am October 26

Here is a link to Eric Idles twitter.
There is a big chance that he answer back. Good luck. :)