Five Minutes With: Michael Palin (BBC)

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Celebrities and news-makers are grilled by Matthew Stadlen in precisely five minutes in a series for the BBC News website.

This week, comedian and broadcaster Michael Palin talks to Matt about his career with Monty Python, his take on modern comedy, favourite countries that he's visited for his travel documentaries and squeezes in a couple of classic Python moments.

See all in:

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Lady of the Lake: Great! I can't believe he made it in 5 minutes. Doesn't he usually talk so much.. ;-)

Lady April at 1:07 pm January 01

He can talk on and on - music to my ears!!!!

kisch: Best timing ever, Michael:)
Sweet !

Kasmira at 9:00 am January 01

YES! Mike is The Man :)

Kasmira at 8:59 am January 01

YES! Mike is the man :)

Holly: that was nice, I really enjoyed the way he laughed when it was over.

Lady and Laird Candermine: thanks for the five minutes...

Lady April: One day I want to have tea with that man =)

housepet1 at 2:55 pm December 30

Don't we all Lady, don't we all....?

Lady and Laird Candermine at 3:58 pm December 30

yes... but I'll have coffee... yippy...

Kasmira at 8:56 am January 01

yeah, a one cup (or two) of coffee suits me best.

housepet1: Cracking good fun! He's a goer, eh? :-) Love Michael, thank you for sharing!

Fettle at 12:27 pm December 30

haha, nice to know!

Fettle: Thats a great interview! Good questions recieve great answers!

Hanri: Incredible how fast five minutes pass in good company. :) Thank you for sharing!

Kasmira: Oh... thank you for that <3 Michael is adorable, again. And so unbelievable kind. I want to write a letter to Mike... and receive an answer from him too ;)