the flying cow from holy grail makes a comback on swedish telly!

haha. was watching a swedish show called boston teaparty starring two of my favourite swedish looneys (the pic). its sort of... sience? dont know if you can call it that, but there are two wonderful boys (ex journalists that sort of still uses that when they make their shows) sitting in a studio with one psych-doctor, one mathmatic/fysisit guy, a ordinary doctor and 2 others I dont remember what they are at the moment, but they are all "experts", and talking about a topic.

this weeks topic was what everyone was talking about eatch year from 2000 to 2009.
and then they had met this swedish austonaut talking to him. they asked if it felt good being on earth again and dont have to watch out for things who flyes around because of the lack of gravity. then a cow comes flying and hit him in the head in best gilliam-manners (with the catapult moo-sound from the movie) and then a 2 second soundclip of bright side of life as the end-credits of that interview was rolling.
so they got both holy grail and life of brian in there.
and not the first time either, in another show these two boys had they had animated fawlty towers in the opening credits!

if you wanna see it for yourselfs:
fastforward to 22:10 roughly.

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Lvndr HppE:

And here is the flying cow from Spamalot! I saw it when I went to Planet Hollywood for lunch one day.

the_thina at 4:12 am April 07

haha! nice.
did you look at the link? so wonderfuly random thing to show on a somewhat "seious" show. (if any swedish show would be shown on discovery it would be this)but the guys who does it may be smarty-pants but with much humor. :)

flopsy_mrs: lol i took a lot 4 my self it's awsome xd lol

the_thina at 8:43 am April 06

what did you do? took a lot? dont understand you right now sweetie